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Summary: After fleeing with her people from Argus to Draenor, a draenei hunter becomes the only Rangari to join the enemy..

Each Day is A Blessing
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Fel Rangari Anaara is a fel-corrupted eredar — the skin of her face is red, and her arms and legs are charred and cracked and ooze green fel corruption—sitting on a mushroom on the southern shore of Tanaan, looking across Tanaan Channel in the direction of Elodor and the Altar of Sha'tar in Shadowmoon Valley. Although hostile, hunters can approach quite close without aggroing her (non-hunters will be one or two shotted). When defeated, she drops an item, the Vial of Fel Cleansing, which allows hunters to turn the felbound wolf aberrations of Tanaan Jungle into tameable beasts.

Note: This story also includes beautiful fanart of Anaara by Mipeltaja

Written for the [community profile] halfamoon challenge.

I'd gone hunting for info on the Fel Wolves, which led me to the wowhead entry for Fel Rangari Anaara.  I came across this comment by Vladisi:

 "She is a Fel Draenei, yet instead of being somewhere where actual Sargerei activities happen, she just sits on a fungus on a remote beach and stares at the ocean. She also has on herself a vial of something that can cleanse a creature of internal Fel corruption. So either she is thinking about drinking it and being free from the Legion's influence or she's already done so and realized that it doesn't change her red skin with green marking back to normal and is thinking about her place in the universe and maybe even contemplating suicide. Maybe she even attacks anyone who comes close because she's scared for her life or that's her way of killing herself, to only be outdone by a fellow hunter. Think about it."

Looking at the pictures of Anaara reminded me of the famous sculpture of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. That sculpture shows a former mermaid (she has land legs) looking wistfully out to sea: it's not difficult to imagine her thinking about what she has lost. This, in addition to the halfamoon prompt "Choices" clarified the story idea.

Anaara's weapon is very distinctive: the Spooky Scythe. I know I wasn't the only person who was disappointed that the Scythe was an agility polearm, because it would have made a spectacular warlock staff! (which is why I put in that little bit about how she got hers. :p)

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