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So, fool that I am, I decided to try a new approach to plotting for an exchange treat I'm attempting to write.

Save the Cat! (STC) is the collective name for Blake Snyder's series of books on screenwriting. Since I often think about, describe, and experience my writing process in film terms (storyboard, cutting room floor, dailies, shoot out of sequence) using this approach seemed potentially useful. I already had my general plot in mind due to the recipient's great prompts, so STC seemed a good way to quickly fill out the rest and make sure I had solid character and plot arcs.

Yeah… I mentioned the fool part, right?

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P.S I do actually like a number of points. Tim Bolton described the midpoint as  

Dependent upon the story, this moment is when everything is “great” or everything is “awful”. The main character either gets everything they think they want (“great” [false victory]) or doesn’t get what they think they want at all (“awful” [false defeat]). But not everything we think we want is what we actually need in the end.

 I like that. (To me Bolton explains false defeat better than Snyder did.)

ETA: Because reading articles about writing is often easier then actually, yanno, writing, I am reading and came across this:
Outlining will not “destroy the magic” or any of that wifty supernatural pegasus shit. I believe very much that writing and storytelling feels like magic while at the same time being a wholly and gloriously mundane activity. Further, if something like outlining is capable of stealing the lightning from your story, then what you had wasn’t so much “lightning” but a “static electric spark” like when you rub your footy pajamas on the carpet. Call me back when you have contained actual lightning — at which point you will learn that no amount of outlining is capable of diminishing its ELECTRIC FURY.

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An eleventh-hour pinch hit written for [community profile] tagyourit , this merges the request for sun priestess/moon priestess with requests for worldbuilding, vampires, soulbonding and body horror.  By far the strangest thing I've ever written (and my first attempt at body horror), to my joy the recipient was pleased with it. 

The eternal story: dark, light, structure, chaos, order, abandon, passion, lies, truth, love, sorrow, descent, ascension.

Very very loosely based on the fairy tale "East of the Sun, West of the Moon."

:||: Eclipse on Ao3

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Steven Lynch's "If I Were Gay" is a funny song. When I saw a pinch hit for it fly by on the [community profile] jukebox_fest  comm, I decided to tackle it. The result was my first entirely original fanfic in 11 years, and the realization that quite a bit of double entendre can be mined from candy names.

Sooner or later, most songs get stale. When that happens, you probably need to switch to a different song—or, at the very least, add new verses to the old one. ** Over a bottle of whiskey and a bag of Hallowe'en candy, the relationship between two old friends begins to change.

Before I Was Gay on Fictionpress :||: Before I Was Gay on Ao3

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