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2017-10-03 11:26 am

The Cat... is not the one that needs saving

So, fool that I am, I decided to try a new approach to plotting for an exchange treat I'm attempting to write.

Save the Cat! (STC) is the collective name for Blake Snyder's series of books on screenwriting. Since I often think about, describe, and experience my writing process in film terms (storyboard, cutting room floor, dailies, shoot out of sequence) using this approach seemed potentially useful. I already had my general plot in mind due to the recipient's great prompts, so STC seemed a good way to quickly fill out the rest and make sure I had solid character and plot arcs.

Yeah… I mentioned the fool part, right?

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P.S I do actually like a number of points. Tim Bolton described the midpoint as  

Dependent upon the story, this moment is when everything is “great” or everything is “awful”. The main character either gets everything they think they want (“great” [false victory]) or doesn’t get what they think they want at all (“awful” [false defeat]). But not everything we think we want is what we actually need in the end.

 I like that. (To me Bolton explains false defeat better than Snyder did.)

ETA: Because reading articles about writing is often easier then actually, yanno, writing, I am reading and came across this:
Outlining will not “destroy the magic” or any of that wifty supernatural pegasus shit. I believe very much that writing and storytelling feels like magic while at the same time being a wholly and gloriously mundane activity. Further, if something like outlining is capable of stealing the lightning from your story, then what you had wasn’t so much “lightning” but a “static electric spark” like when you rub your footy pajamas on the carpet. Call me back when you have contained actual lightning — at which point you will learn that no amount of outlining is capable of diminishing its ELECTRIC FURY.

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2017-07-14 09:40 pm
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Catch of the Evening

Microsoft OneNote.

Between speech recognition and the cloud, I can mumble all the thoughts that swirl up as I'm falling asleep into my phone, and in the morning I can go to my computer and they are THERE. I don't have to transcribe them from incoherent texts to myself, or by listening to my crony voice.

(Proper names are generally not done properly, but that's no big. Current mumbles involve Blue and Red.)
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2017-06-30 04:01 pm
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Nitty Scritti

Back in the pre-tumblr days, I ran an online writing group called Nitty Scritti.  For nearly a year, 6-10 writers met online every 2 weeks for a group chat in AIM (!!). Sometimes we critiqued a work submitted by a group member; other times we brainstormed and idea-bounced. It was messy and frustrating, but also a blast.

Now, more than 15 years later, I'm hoping to resurrect Nitty Scritti on Discord. The first meeting will be Friday, August 4 (time to be determined based on time zones.)  Join, submit work for group beta, share the link (below) with anyone you think might be interested, and we'll see where things go.

ETA: At the moment people are mostly hanging out and discussing patch 7.3.

PM me for an invite code.

The standard rules of Civil Behavior will apply. I’m not going to lay them out—my default is to assume that people are reasonable adults—but I will permaban trolls and drama persons.
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2016-02-29 04:17 pm

[FIC] Each Day is A Blessing (World of Warcraft, Fel Rangari Anaara)

Summary: After fleeing with her people from Argus to Draenor, a draenei hunter becomes the only Rangari to join the enemy..

Each Day is A Blessing
on Ao3 :||:  on

Fel Rangari Anaara is a fel-corrupted eredar — the skin of her face is red, and her arms and legs are charred and cracked and ooze green fel corruption—sitting on a mushroom on the southern shore of Tanaan, looking across Tanaan Channel in the direction of Elodor and the Altar of Sha'tar in Shadowmoon Valley. Although hostile, hunters can approach quite close without aggroing her (non-hunters will be one or two shotted). When defeated, she drops an item, the Vial of Fel Cleansing, which allows hunters to turn the felbound wolf aberrations of Tanaan Jungle into tameable beasts.

Note: This story also includes beautiful fanart of Anaara by Mipeltaja

Written for the [community profile] halfamoon challenge.
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2015-05-07 12:09 pm

Playlist for Deceiver

(I'm sorry I can't recall who asked me to post this!)

Alongside my default playlist of 8+ hours of rain and surf sounds, I've accumulated an instrumental playlist for my World of Warcraft novel Deceiver that might serve others needing to write about despair, unrequited love, existential angst, and similarly-cheerful themes.

I haven't listed conductors/performers if other than the composer. Anything marked with an asterisk is on the playlist twice.


Airbase, Cherubini, et al.
"Ocean Realm (Kil'jaeden Remix)"
SK Gaming World Firsts (DJ Bluerose)

The only non-official .mp3 here, the only one specifically connected to the Warcraft universe, and the only one with words. Years ago my friend jacqland extracted the audio from the HD video of the SK Gaming World First Kil'jaeden defeat, and other than my standard surf-and-rain playlist (which also burbles while I sleep), this is by far my most-played track. (If anyone's curious, I did purchase all three songs used in the mix, though none of them have ever sounded quite right without Kil'jaeden rumbling "Oblivion!" and "Destruction!" *g*)

Barber, Samuel
"Adagio For Strings, (Op 11)"     

For years, this song has seemed to me to be the absolute distillation—into heartachingly musical form—of yearning and regret. (Barber apparently grew to resent the work, as it overshadowed all of what he thought were his better works.)

Budd, Harold
"Dark Star" and "Abandoned Cities"  from Abandoned Cities

Long, low volume, ominously droning ambient pieces.

Eno, Brian
"LUX 3" and LUX 4" from LUX
"Theme from 'Creation' "  from Music for Films 3   
"The Lost Day"  from On Land   

Eno has been one of my favorite musicians for (*gulp*)  35+ years now.  Most of his electronica is too light-infused to work for this playlist, but the first three listed do a good job of leavening the playlist with a thoughfulness that invokes Netherstorm, and "The Lost Day" is as unsettling as the Harold Budd pieces.

Liszt, Franz   
"Nuages gris, S. 199"  from The 50 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music   

For a long time this was the "Scourge invasion" piece; it's now shifted to being the "assault Arthas in Icecrown" piece.

Pärt, Arvo   
"Pari intervallo"  from Light   
"Für Alina: 1"  and "Für Alina: 2" from Alina - Spiegel im Spiegel    
"Cantus In Memory Of Benjamin Britten For Strings & One Bell"  from Fratres        
"Trisagion"  from Litany       
"Festina Lente"*  from Miserere           
"Tabula Rasa - Silentium"  from Sanctuary
"Tabula Rasa"  from Tabula Rasa
"Spiegel im Spiegel, For Violin and Piano"  from The Very Best of Arvo Pärt

Pärt ties with Prokofiev as my favorite classical composer. For me the appeal of most of his music is that it often manages to be simultaneously full of both sorrow and hope. (The Cantus is the piece I'd want played at my own funeral.)

For me "Trisagion" is Kael's theme music as a character; though I don't necessarily like assigning adjectives because they can be limiting, for me the piece has an overall feel of "heroic melancholy" interspersed with sections that remind me of the panicked, futile struggle of an animal in a trap.

"Spiegel im Spiegel 2" is a perfect Kael > Jaina theme.  Listening to it as I write this, I can imagine the piano part as Jaina and the violin part as Kael: the mostly cheerful and diligent piano melody seems almost unrelated to the mournful strings that accompany and quietly echo it. I didn't necessarily have this music in mind when I was writing their scenes (and at any rate the playlist is on shuffle & repeat) but what I hear in the music is completely how I see that unrequited relationship.

Satie, Erik   
"3 Gnossiennes"   from Satie: Piano Music [Disc 2]   
"Six gnossiennes: Gnossienne No. 1"*
"Six gnossiennes: Gnossienne No. 3"
"Six gnossiennes: Gnossienne No. 4"

These aren't necessarily sad pieces, but for me they have a certain je ne sais quoi that suits Silvermoon and the quel'dorei / sin'dorei in general.

Stars of the Lid   
"Even If You're Never Awake"*  and "Tippy's Demise"*  from  … And Their Refinement of the Decline   

A recent discovery, this ambient drone music perfectly captures the mood I want to be in while writing Deceiver.

One piece that was on the playlist for a while was Mozart's "Masonic Funeral Music in C Minor, K. 477 (Maurerische Trauermusic)."  There are parts of it that are perfect for Dalaran and Northrend, but ultimately it felt too bouncy compared with the other pieces. I also had "Murder" from the 1997 Berserk anime OST in the playlist for a while as well.


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2015-05-03 02:10 pm

[FIC] By Sea and Sun Espous'd (The Iliad, Andromache/Hektor)

Enroute to their wedding in Troy, Andromache and her future husband begin to get to know each other.

Pinch hit written for the [community profile] rarelywritten  exchange.

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